Tuesday, September 2, 2014

No Buts

There is been a bit of discussion lately on social media about how Christians should respond to homosexuality and same-sex marriage after Vicky Beeching recently "came out" as gay. Now I do not know who she is, nor have I previously heard of her. But it has been a topic on social media. The phrase I hear all the time from people who call themselves Christians is "Love the sinner BUT hate the sin"
 Someone even posed the question "should the Christian not simply just love the gay person, isn't that what Jesus would do?" Yet several people responded with "yes we love them but............."
 There are Christians who will not invite homosexuals into their home, claiming they "do not support their lifestyle" They even distance themselves from family members. If you want to play that game then at least be consistent and refuse to associate with the uncle who has a wife and two girlfriends, refuse to associate with the gluttonous cousin who shovels food in his mouth all day long, refuse to associate with that teenage nephew who does not honor his mother or father, refuse to associate with your stubborn and prideful grandfather...
 I have read all the red words in the Bible, (Those are the words of Jesus) and He never once said "love them but..." Mark 12:31 reads "And the second, like it, is this: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other greater commandment than these."                                                              I have read this passage in 7 or 8 different translations and still do not find the word BUT there. Jesus said "Love your neighbor as yourself", there are no exceptions, no caveats, no buts...

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