Saturday, June 10, 2023

Pride Month

 It is Pride Month and with that always comes those that freak out over it. Cue the usual memes and posts on social media bitching about "The LGBTQ gets a whole month and our veterans only get a day". I have seen this multiple times a day across all social media platforms. As a veteran myself, this is really irritating. I really hate when someone uses my service to kick down on marginalized communities. I really like how this wonderful person  on Twitter framed it. 

 May isn't the only month set aside to honor the military, April is the Month of the Military Child and November is Military Family Appreciation Month. Not to mention Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and 32 other days set aside to honor the military or veterans in some fashion. One would think that if the military and veterans were so important to these folks they would be aware of this. 

Next comes the "they are cramming down our throats"  drival.  This year seems to be extra special. The same groups and people who complain about "cancel culture" now want to boycott and put out of business any company or corporation. They spout their mantra "go woke, go broke".

It all started with when Bud Light sent a personalized can to Dylan Mulvaney. Dylan is a trans woman who has been documenting her transition on her TikTok channel. Bud Light sent that can to honor her one year anniversary into her transition.  The right lost their minds. Like they did with Kaepernick jerseys and Nike shoes in the past, the right went about destroying or thowing away product they had already purchased. The irony of all that was they made only one can with her likeness on it. It was shown only on her social media accounts and was not a national campaign. Bud Light works with hundreds of influencers. The only way to even know about this is to visit her various accounts. Personally, I never heard of her until all this came out. These chucklefucks go upset without understanding that Bud Light and its parent company ABinBEV have been supporting LGBTQ events for decades. Doing so today is nothing new. 

Right after the Bud Light fiasco they set their sights on Target. This isn't the first time Target has been targeted. (see what I did there). Back in 2016 evangelical Christians lost their minds when they made their bathrooms gender neutral. Now people are going into their stores and filming themselves tearing down their Pride displays, showing childrens shirt with rainbows or complaining about how close the display is to the front of the store. Other falsely claiming that they are selling "tuck friendly" swimsuits to children. It doen't take much looking to discover those are only available to adults. Target has had sold pride merch for a decade now. But has really only gotten any backlash the last two years. It amazes me how they can claim these products being sold are somehow "shoving it in our faces".  This comes most prominently from so called "Christians".  None of the rest of us complain or destroy displays when they are directed at members of their faith. 

The right proudly quotes the dropping stock prices of these "woke" corporations. They fail to mention that stock prices go up and down, and neither of them are near their all time low.  They will, of course, bounce back. But by then those screaming for their demise will be onto the next "woke" thing to be angry about. 

Next comes the evangelical crowd. You know who they are. They are the ones who are constantly outraged at things or people who have zero effect on their lives. Everything upsets cups at Starbucks, folks saying "Happy Holidays", gender neutral bathrooms, CRT, same sex marriage, and most recently... vaccines and masks...
Every June they post their favorite "pride goeth before a fall" verses with no understanding of what "pride" means in the context of the Bible or the LGBTQ+  community. This year has been expecially toward that community. With hundreds of anti-LGBTQ laws proposed and many signed into law. This all being done under the auspices of "protecting the children"  The current buzzword is "groomer". They are accusing everyone of "grooming" kids to be LGBTQ. From school teachers to drag queens to parents. Doen't matter there is no proof at all of their claims. They rant and rave on their social media platforms and blogpost about how "they are coming for your children". The claim is that is all a "satanic" attack on kids.  This has a faint sniff of the salem witch trials and the satanic panic back in the late 80's early 90's. Just like back then, innocent people are geting hurt, but evangelicals don't give a damn. Now evangelical politicians, in a effort to please their base, are enacting laws to restrict the LGBTQ community wherever they can. From banning drag shows, banning gender affirming care to laws telling people which bathrooms to use. 
Recent discussion I had on this subject are telling. When I mention that my faith requires me to support the LGBTQ community and that being part of the community is not a sin, I get the same old tired trope "Love the sinner but hate the sin" which is only said to make them feel better about hating the sinner. Or my favorite.. "you must tell them the truth in love". This is their excuse to be rude and just downright mean to those they deem beneath them. Apparently, they want me to remind my LGBTQ friend and family daily that they are going to hell, rather than treat them with love and humanity. Unfortunately, there is no reasonable discussion to be had with the evanglelical. They cannot listen to anyone other than their own pride. 
The world, however, will move forward without them. They will eventually tag along. Just like they did with slavery, interacial marriage, civil rights and so many others..