Tuesday, July 29, 2014


   Honduras has been on my heart lately. After reading about the many unaccompanied children crossing our southern boarder I did some research that goes beyond what the news media reports. What I discovered was that this is not a sudden spike. The numbers of children coming here have been increasing over the last several years.
   Many of these children are fleeing violence and extreme poverty. These children are coming from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. With most coming from Honduras. In many areas of Honduras gangs have crippled the communities. Simply walking on the wrong street can get one killed. These gangs are attempting to force children into joining them and selling drugs. If they refuse they will be killed. Honduras has the highest murder rate of any country on the planet. The conditions are bleak.
    God is leading me to do something for the children in Honduras. I am not sure yet what all that will entail, but I am considering a mission trip. Pray with me as I pray about the direction I need to take. I am consulting my Pastor and several other friends and will keep you posted.
Starting today I am sponsoring a child in Honduras through Compassion International. Here is a picture of that young man. His name is Otoniel. His is 6 years old and likes soccer and cars.

   I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child in need. It only cost $38 per month and will change their life. In case you wonder if this really does make a difference watch the video below.