Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Congratulations! You have your "pro-life" President!

  Congratulations! You got your way. Donald Trump is President, and says his is "pro-life". You stuck to your guns, you stood up for life, you stood up for those who cannot speak for themselves, you stood against murder, you stood on the side of God, you stood on the side of the Bible, you didn't back down, and most importantly, your conscience is clear. You just couldn't bring yourself to vote for anyone else because Trump said he was "pro-life". You clung to that ideal so tightly you couldn't see reality. In some ways I can understand, this election was like none other I have ever seen. Neither of the candidates gave us any real hope. Neither of them offered much more than catch phrases that can be easily chanted in a crowd.  So you reached for the one thing that you knew without a doubt was right. In your heart of hearts it was the only choice you could make. You chose Donald Trump.
 However, you failed to see the consequences, you failed to see reality, you failed to see Donald J. Trump for who he really is, you failed to see the truth, you failed to do the research, you failed to look at his past, and you failed to see his true character. 

  It did not matter that his stance on abortion changed only when he ran for the GOP nomination. It did not matter that he stepped on small businesses over and over again for the last 30 plus years. It did not matter when he openly mocked a disabled reporter in front of millions of people. It did not matter that he dismissed Senator McCain for being "captured".  It did not matter that he called Mexicans rapist. It did not matter his misogynistic comments toward Megyn Kelly. It did not matter when he suggested we kill the wives and children of terrorist. It did not matter when he suggested we create a Muslim registry. It did not matter when he made disparaging remarks toward a gold star family. It did not matter when he suggested that someone take up arms against Clinton should she be elected. It did not matter that he encouraged violence against protesters at his campaign rallies. It did not matter when he said that Obama was the founder of ISIS. None of that mattered. Why, because he claims to be "pro-life."  And, apparently, that mattered above all else. That one single claim, ironically, trumps everything else.

 I will let you in on a secret. Donald J. Trump, and the GOP, for that matter say they have a "pro-life" stance for one reason and one reason only. I gets them votes and votes will give them power. Once they get that power, they do nothing about abortion. Even more especially, Trump will do nothing about abortion. He does not care about it, because he stands to gain nothing from it. The truly sad part is Trump never really hid his true nature. It was always there. No need to hack private emails. His egotistical, narcissistic, self-serving nature has always been there for all to see. 

  The Russians may have tried to influence this election. That should not surprise anyone, as we have been trying to influence elections around the world for decades. But the onus is on you, the onus is on me, and the onus is on the voter. The information was out there, it was at your fingertips. Some of us tried to warn you, but either we did not articulate it properly or you were blinded by your hatred for Hillary Clinton. No matter the case, Trump won. Congratulations, you have your pro-life president. I hope you are happy..

You traded the future of the country so you can claim to sleep at night. You traded the future of the country so you can look down your nose at the rest of us. You traded the future of our country just so you can pretend you have done something about "murdering babies". You traded the future of our country because you hated Hillary Clinton. You traded the future of our country based on lies that fit your preconceived beliefs. 

Once again, Congratulations  


Friday, December 2, 2016

What the hell???

This years elections cycle has been the most divisive, aggressive, outrageous, baffling, and down right mean in my memory. I have voted in every election since 1988. This seems like some sort of SNL skit come to life.
  Seventeen people threw their hat in the ring for the republican party, SEVENTEEN!!!  One would think that out of that many, the eventual nominee would be someone who is well qualified, well spoken, and well......Presidential. instead we get Donald Trump. Donald fucking Trump. It still blows my mind. (Sometimes I get the feeling he is just as shocked he got this far).  The one who, in my mind, is the least qualified ended up on top. Leaving me to wonder, how? How did he make it this far?